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"Jason is the rare chef with a true WOW factor when it comes to health-he has the ability to connect it to taste, flavor and ingredient quality-and have it come together in a delicious, stunning, EASY way on the plate. I've loved working with him professionally, and eating with him personally!"

-Kate Geagan

America's Green Nutritionist


Are you looking to inspire and excite a group to achieve optimal health? Chef Jason Kieffer has an informative, fun, and dynamic speaking style that has wowed groups of all ages and sizes. His passion for natural foods and eating well is contagious; he has an incredible ability to bring the topics he speaks about to life. Chef Jason Kieffer's experiences as a chef and a wellness coach provide the personal and professional opportunity to interest and engage his audience.

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Discover a Natural and Whole Way to Cooking and Living Well

Increased energy, weight loss, improved sleep, reduced allergies, and fewer cravings are all results of upgrading to a whole food diet. You may not know that dangerous chemicals and toxins are lurking in the foods you eat everyday: If you are confused about the best foods to nourish you and your family, let Chef Jason Kieffer show you how tasty and simple it is to switch to a less processed and "enlightening" way of eating. Say hello to new, health promoting foods that are sure to become favorites. Goodbye transfat, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners!

This 3 month program includes:

-One-hour consultation and hands-on cooking demonstration to optimize your diet, skills in the kitchen and wellness goals.
-2 follow up sessions to track progress and monitor results.
-Private grocery tour to streamline shopping and introduce new foods.
-Quick + easy meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
-Recipe sharing for tasty eating and making quick meals.
-Free ticket to one of Chef Jason Kieffer's public cooking classes.
-Unlimited email support during the program. (allow for 48-hour response time)


Get back to basics and forever change how you look and feel in your body. By popular demand, I have created a program that includes my favorite, time tested, life changing principals that have worked for me and with my clients. If you are sick of being confused about how to reach your ultimate health, wellness, and/or weight goals, this Enlightened Wellness Program is just for you!!

The Enlightened Wellness Program will show you:

-What "SUPERFOODS"you can start eating tomorrow that are affordable, tasty, and will curb your cravings.
-How to start your day to decrease your appetite, reduce your calorie consumption, and even create a desire for healthy foods.
-How to effortlessly prepare delicious, wholesome meals even with a super busy schedule.

This 2 month program will include:

-One-hour consultation and hands-on cooking demonstration to optimize your diet, skills in the kitchen and wellness goals.
-3 follow up sessions customized to your needs and interests.
-Recipe sharing to inspire cooking and streamline meal planning.
-Unlimited email support during the program. (allow for 48-hour response time)


Would you like to learn some new culinary skills and techniques that will impress your family and friends without having to leave the comfort of your own home? Within just a few hours, Chef Jason Kieffer will tantalize you with new ways to create new tastes that will forever change how you look at creating delicious foods at home. His classes and parties can fit your particular needs, tastes, and budget. They are also perfect for everyone from the novice chef to the experienced cook. He welcomes class sizes of one to large cooking parties. Depending on the type of experience you want it will either be hands-on or demonstration. No matter what you choose, he guarantees a great experience for you and your guests.


Traditionally Ayurveda heals with a combination of foods and herbs prepared and cooked for the season. This Cooking Class addresses our need for a strong (AGNI) digestive fire to enable proper absorption of foods and elimination of waste products. Chef Jason Kieffer will teach about Doshas, Seasons and the Ayurvedic way to prepare, eat and mentally enjoy the celebration of meals. Fresh organic vegetarian fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables along with the aroma of herbs and spices will refresh and fulfill your appetite.


Chef Jason Kieffer has joined forces with today’s leaders of food technology. With a vast experience, in both full service kitchen operations and quick serve restaurants, it allows him to share distinctive menu items that results in a menu to remember. While developing your menu, Chef Kieffer will take into account the total cost of goods sold, ease of preparation, ability to be recreated consistently as well as product availability. Once the menu is developed and agreed upon, the proper training materials and job aids will be developed and furnished. He will also provide the necessary hands on training to insure a complete understanding of the program.